tanki online en start review homepage free

tanki online en start review homepage free

It is a free and 3d action shooter game release in 2009. That the name of this is why introduce because it’s all about tanker in this. is altogether almost fighting by way of each other. Now a day is most popular, Number of player is thousands. Fully online with flash. they give best flash technology awards in Russia games. Multiplayer option is available the another user from worldwide inside there is not one or two player available to beat you close by is many other who joy with you. Lot of additional upgrades is shown up when going to the garages and shop. 


How to tanki online en start

Simply go to the miniclip.com search of miniclip tanki online or tanki online miniclip  start playing. Or go to his official tanki homepage. First create a simple account with username and password that should you remember. When again continue the game you will able to resume where stop. can downloaded it easily from official webiste but it is Russian language version. But tanki English version is only accessible on website.

Keyboard shortcuts
(x) for fire left
(c) to fire right
Space to fire
( ↑ ) for up
( ↓ ) for down
( ← ) for left
( → ) for right

While new user is playing they must be pass the training level to enter the battle. In the battle level you will be fight as team work red or green team. When you are with green team your enemy is red tank. However, if you are with alternative group must be beat the green team chamber tank.


  1. what did you round about to talk is there age restrict for this?

  2. numerous close relative people or fathers/mothers consider this be suited suitable for young society persons can enjoy/play it.

  3. Be there close by be there any option to download it for pc.

  4. Yes, but then again it is in Russian language version available for pc and adobe air will needed to play.
    It is hard to understand for English language person.


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