earn to die – part 1 & 2 – game about review

earn to die – part 1 & 2 – game about review

it is free action racing zombie online video game. That was develop by toffeegames.com. Release in part 1 in 2012 and part 2 in 2014 November 20 officially. Available on different platform like miniclip.com, amazon.com, google play app store, iTunes app stores other raised platform like these.

How to earn to die find and play
There is various type of online store where you can easily find it like.
For android users can easily download in his mobile, tablets, even smart TV given down the link.
for the special online pc/laptop handler’s users.

play earn to die 2

First version is – earn to die 1

earn to die part 1 we say it is truly amazing experience to enjoying it. The first car name (small hatchback) is look like old simple foxy. But when trying to upgrade this looks overwhelming. But when gain more points and buy a new Old good pickup car look like a crashing double cable that is better than old foxy. On the other hand, as soon as when upgrade to new improve cover part in his body it’s become super crushing wagon. But again don’t forgot the awesome amazing last super heavy truck its name is cool heavy truck. It is the master of all cars in this because its 2X faster and pick up speed. I can call it six wheeler truck.

Earn to die 2012 part 2

Insight the part there is three cars are available first is sport look like, the second one is visual like a jeep wrangler, the last and the powerful heavy thing is school bus it is bigger than other more controlling more authoritative. When you upgrade its part it’s become a sky rocket that run in the road of the game. You can when only complete this level this vehicle will be open. When you buy the rocket road school bus and it’s all renovations upgrades becomes super fire machine.

Earn to die – exodus

It is similar to other part. But cars and wagon is inside change. The first car is simple jeep and second one is police compartment, the last, super heavy one is police coach. Visual look of background is also alternate. Zombie wear fashions is besides change. Game depend upon three level. While usually after complete one level the vehicle name police compartment is become ready to unlock to buy. Similar copy again while complete the second level you will be able to unlock and ready to buy the third super heavy police coach.

there is three part are available should you play.

New earn to die 2 and (part 1 release in 2012) the Chinese one. I almost certainly interested to play these. Because is easy to play for any type of person.
Keyword shortcuts system overall portion.

v  Left button is formally for wheel wheeling or wheel balance when car is suffering in the rocks.
v  Right button is for carriage level balance in the road.
v  Up button be situated for race or increase speed purpose.
v  Down button is used to came back or reverse.
v  (x) or (j) is used to release boost or turbo.

 there are three cars available in overall game.

Tell me what things in your mind let me known in the comments.


  1. Q. how to earn quick easy money online with this.
    Answer. Simply hit the monster and that visual like a zombie kill them all you will earn dollars money.

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