wild wastelands free game online review

wild wastelands

wild wastelands game is the shooting action flash 3D cool calm unruffled off-the-cuff game. That was officially played online in miniclip.com. it is very fabulous for any type of person. Now let’s talk about.

How to play wild free online

Simply need a mouse left click and cursor. You can easily move the person with mouse cursor from one place to another. When new user is playing the heart level lives is only one as soon as defeat some monsters kongregate you will able to earn more point through absorbed the green tube. Once you attack the enemy they can give the green tube. Now let’s dialog about.

How to increase heart lives?

After your point is above 2000 now buy a new person in shop.

How to go the shop?

Simply when fighting is started in the mission then press the space bar button the shop is automatically open now. While trying to back to the tournament just click the fight button as seen or shown in the right down corner in the game. Or interested in to quit or end the level, just hit it off the “home” icon button shown in the right down corner.

Which product should be buy with coins

New handler user is capable to buy improvements skills like

“attack damage”

“movement speed”

“loot magnet”

“more loot”

“critical strike”

“special attack”

how many Hero’s is accessible?

There is five heroes’ available should try to be buy all.

1.  Greenbo: that look like alien weapon used ycs fallout.
2.  Snake: look alike pirate.
3.  Hunter: appearance comparable to thief.
4.  Isaac: mien identical to robot.
5.  Boris: gaze resembling like bear.

Tip: Formerly when you buy all personality heroes. After mention to be able to increase the heart lives of player. Now it heart is five and fully maximize.

Sound, music on off

If you are tired to hire the music or sound. Try to turn it off. Start the game and you will show the top right side two icon button publicized down image below.

wild wastelands

Amazingly enable or disable sound, music as your taste.


It is fun and enjoyable to play for any type of party.

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