bazooki pocalypse, zombie game, review

bazooki pocalypse

bazooki pocalypse is the 3d action horror zombie game. That was available and presented in It is top ranked rated game award by its background music manages by Kevin McLeod.  Arts and music directed by Flash Chaz. The voice acting is shock dingo.
when I play this I remember bouzouki dessert sweet but somehow it is not bazooki cookie the different between this is cookie and talking about pcoalypse is online game.

How to play it

Simply you need a mouse courser to set the range of gun, missile. And left click needed to hit the trigger of guns. Game total glassy depending upon 32 level. Now talk about which & what equipment may bright to take the prize
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Which things be including in the bazooki pocalypse game was award in

    1.      Three zombie of crowds its look like old sleepwalker.
    2.      The A+ when show after gain a good score
    3.      The bazooka it is the most powerful weapon in his series.
    4.       Fourth one is main menu button.
    5.      Fifth is single moto fat zombie.
    6.      Sixth one is brain stew also called brain fry.
    7.      The seven image up easily seem all the group of person say this a family of zombies.
    8.      Eight is the blades tires look like a killing machine.
    9.      Nine be situated to say danger drum.
   10.   Ten is dark bad that be located a sign of darkness.
   11.   Both barrel the gun must be use when unlock this.
   12.   Last on is green grenade that is little hard to drop the target.

Interested to play it then click the link

It is fun to play. This is for every type of person who can easily enjoy it. When complete all level my opinion is to play earn to die cool game.

Now let’s talk about this game in the remark comment and your opinions. If had any problem, let me known in the comment.

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  1. greek music youtube4 May 2017 at 10:22

    When the music is played in.
    All bazooka gum speaker instrument bouzouki dessert wart remover music audio I love all this things wow. Also pizookie recipe try to eat this is so delicious. So hilarious.
    Some body tell me the name of this who have created, very strange, funny.
    Amazing but great to remember.


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