Flip diving game

Flip diving is 3d adventure fun game. That’s was available in many big platforms such as apple store, play store, Miniclip.com.
When we play this game there is start pop up message will show up on the screen. They write a warning message for the public persona. In the message, they say this game depends upon on stunts so nobody can try this in real life. In actual natural life, you will seriously injure or broke your bones. This game also called stunt dive.
In the game, you must agree startup agreement to continue to start it.
Flip diving game

When talking about flip diving Miniclip game character who jump in water so there is ten characters are assessable in.
There is the list of all personalities who like to play with in
1.    The diver (he is default oddity & jump athletic).
2.    Big Dave (it the visual body is too fat & its jump is unstable). They rotate in sluggish.
3.    Businessman (they wear a three-piece suite, is snappy jump). Rotate in stiff.
4.    The fourth one is an amazing person the name is BODY BUILDER (its uniqueness is while they are diving they will never leave his dumbbells unfluctuating in pitching mode.
5.    The fifth one is girl diver, rotate in neatly, swift fence.
6.    Sixth is basketball person his color is black; The benefit they give some tricks how to dive with basketball.
7.    Karate name looks like Kun Fu master. He is ultrafast
8.    Name holiday they wear special air duck. They say it’s my holiday when I dive please hold my duck.
9.    Teddy costume character.
10.    The last one is Penguin mascot
flip diving tips
Some people are the new player, cannot understand how to perform it. There is an angle should be avoiding can never game over. When you jump into some water with the back flop, or belly flop, tucking position you will be out in. The tip makes sure you jump straight down within particular water when done in a correct position in return you will be reward with some points.
More you have points, more fun, more chance to win it.
Don’t be hit your body part with a rock. After you hit any rock, the result is broken leg or any
Body part and 90% percent chance cannot win the level so also should be avoiding.